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Posh Interior ตกแต่งภาบใน บิ้วอิน ครบวงจร

Interior Design

"Every inspiration we can make comes true

Posh Interior รับออกแบบตกแต่งภายใน ครบวงจร

Interior Design and Turnkey

Posh Interior We are a company that specializes in interior design. Providing interior design, contracting services, and the production and installation of built-in furniture, including renovation services. With our work, that perfectly complements every lifestyle. We can make the imagination and inspiration of our customers come true. The company adheres to the policy of creating outstanding designs, complete in every style, with quality installation work, delivering work on time, and with a guarantee for after-sales work. We are committed to providing the best care and service to our clients in every aspect of every project.

Residential services: interior design of houses, townhomes, apartments, and hotels.

Commercial services: interior design of shops, restaurants, clinics, showrooms, offices, beauty salons, etc.

Reasons to choose POSH INTERIOR

Complete the project with one-stop services,

We provide a complete service. Covers every task and meets standards at every step.

There are outstanding designs in every style,

We design with an emphasis on meeting customer needs. Decorating ideas and designs are presented to show real images before production and installation at the site.

There is a supervisor on site,

We have a supervisor to control the quality and report on the progress of routine project work.

Submit work on time,

POSH has never had a history of late work submissions. We deliver work according to the contract schedule and have a schedule to inspect the work with the customer, according to the work period specified in the contract.

There is no history of abandoning work,

POSH has never had a history of abandoning work. We complete projects on time for every project. We have an employment contract with complete details of every job.

Work guaranteed,We have after-sales service. There is a guarantee for the work after delivery, according to the company's conditions. If there is damage due to installation, we will take care of it, and corrective services will be provided as soon as possible at no additional cost.

Interior Design House

Interior design of the house, living room, rest room, living room, bedroom, walk-in closet, working room, kitchen, pantry, and dining room, etc.. We consider the interior design to match the homeowner's style and be beautiful-luxurious, and we arrange the space to be comfortable and suitable for the family. Functionality that best fits your lifestyle.

Interior Design Apartment

In apartment interior design, we arrange the usable space to be most worthwhile, complete with all functions that meet your needs, and decorate apartments. It looks beautiful, a luxury that fits the lifestyle of city people.

Interior Design Shops & Commercials.  

We design according to the concept of the event. We design to bring out the uniqueness and identity of the work as much as possible to make it stand out and be of interest. Including managing space and various functions correctly and completely, suitable for commercial areas.

Interior renovation 

Services for renovating houses, apartments, shops, hotels, offices, etc., making them modern and trendy according to the concept, and developing the space to be perfect.

Our Services


Design firm

Design process

1. Receive information and inspect the work site before designing.
2. Layout plan and propose a mood & tone.
3. 3D-perspective rendering.
4. Sample material presentation.
5. Prepare detailed drawings for installation and decoration work.

We provide consultation at every step to make the design work according to the style the customer desires.

Complete interior and built-in services

Posh Interior specializes in interior work. We design and offer quality materials for furniture production, built-in. We have a choice of materials for customers to choose from in order to match the project and budget. We have a team of technicians who are experts in each area to support various forms of work (floor work, wall decoration work, ceiling work, electrical work, built-in work, and furniture work). Wallpaper work, curtain work, etc.), and there are supervisors to ensure the work is in accordance with the designs and plans. Before starting work, we have protection at the site; we produce furniture from the factory; we assemble and install it at the work site; we have quality control inspections, including taking care of the cleanliness of the place; and we have big cleaning before delivery. Area for every customer project.

Production and installation of built-in furniture "customized"

We accept production and installation work for built-ins and furniture according to the design or according to customer orders.

Our Projects

Interior design work

POSH INTERIOR Interior design in various styles, such as Modern Luxury Contemporary Minimal Classic Muji Vintage Tropical, etc. In the design process, we prepare interior perspective images for the customer to check and approve to match the set concept before the decoration process, including seeing samples of materials for decoration before starting the actual decoration work on-site. 
Posh Interior ออกแบบตกแต่งภายใน ที่เติมเต็มในทุกไลฟ์สไตล์  ทุกแรงบันดาลใจ เราสร้างให้เป็นจริงได้

" Every inspiration we can make comes true "

If you are looking for an interior design team or if you need ideas for decoration,

Contact us



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